Be-Vegan is part of a global project for the African continent, which wants to mobilize and face the future climate challenges and the many challenges that the continent will face. Sensitive to desertification, to climate change, but especially to past mistakes in developing territory; Be-Vegan is convinced that mastery and learning of the errors produced in the West will allow us to better master this so essential environment and not to reproduce the same mistakes by skipping certain steps to advance better.

Thus, Be-Linked joins these themes with Be-Vegan, and encourages it to become a major player, at the agro-ecological level, by giving it the means to develop these ideas, and by promoting all these new cultures that will allow one day to feed both men and animals and provide bio-mass for the daily human activities.

We are convinced that MORINGA OLEIFERA, micro-algae, super-fruit ...., And many others will help safeguard humanity and orient our habits towards other modes of consumption, productions for our needs daily.

Faced with the risk of growing malnutrition, food crisis, famine due to drought, lack of food, caused by speculation, imbalance in the distribution of wealth and its sharing, alternatives exist to adapt our needs and change our daily lives.

Just like Paulownia (see Beecotech) is a gateway to the environmental future, to produce and consume wood quickly; Moringa offers you another way to combat the malnutrition of children, adults; to fight against chronic anemia or any type of deficiency by consuming otherwise, but also by planting moringa, which one uses in bio-mass, to heat, to cook ... to replant is to fight against the deforestation, just like the bio-fuel could be produced with micro-algae.

Be-Vegan is therefore committed to planting as many moringa seeds as it sells on a daily basis and to develop some of these Fons in research and development to better know all these super-foods that say are still very "Enigmatic" for everyone, imagine that spirulina has existed for millards of years and we only began to discover it since the 1970s; it remains so much to discover to humanity; we already understand what we have instead of always wanting to create another solution, combining traditional and modern medicine, to make this famous integrative medicine.

Superfood, superfruit

The Moringa Oleifera called "the Tree of Life" is broken down into multiple products:

Tea from dried leaves, which is harvested manually, dried in the shade at less than 40 °; used in infusion, tea hot or cold, it can be mixed with mint, thyme and many other plants.
Crushed leaves, so in the form of powder used in cooking, salad, juice, sauce ... for reasons of traceability Be-Vegan does not crush these leaves, to ensure maximum quality to these customers, once the trust of rigor, we propose moringa powder.
Moringa seeds used as a fortifier, in 3 seeds / day, provide 'strength and vigor' and energy in the long term.
Food or cosmetic Moringa oil, cold pressed and raw, or called the oil of "Ben3 by the Egyptians, used daily for beauty rituals and protection of the skin.
Edible moringa oil is very close to olive oil with identical virtues.
Root, wood, pod, bark, Be-vegan has many hectares in different countries, Another advantage of Moringa is the rapid growth of this tree and therefore fast harvests, uses of wood for the daily, leaving the use of coal Long wood to the shoot, this tree is suitable for difficult conditions, dry and rough, requires little water.
The fruit of Baobab, "Fruit of the future" or "Monkey bread" is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. The pulp of the baobab fruit has incredible benefits:

Vitamin C.
The pulp of the baobab fruit also contains iron, vitamin A and B (B1, B2, B3) or magnesium. and is the equivalent of 40 oranges in Vitamin C, rich in minerals (calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphate, iron), ions, calcium, potassium.

This superfruit has in addition to real medicinal indications, stimulating immune defenses, prevents cell aging, regulates blood pressure, promotes digestion by rebalancing intestinal flora, helps to reduce fever, fight against stomach upset, c is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Micro-algae, an unprecedented source of protein, energizing, antioxidants, regenerated

, stimulates the immune system, pro-active to defend our cells; microalgae as moringa permettrnt we can create a bio-fuel, using bio-mass and produce Eco-responsible manner and to consume only with low production impact on the environment, there are such a major challenge is to produce a population in continuous growth.

You will understand all these super foods have healthy unique virtues, helps to rebalance the main functions of the body, providing energy and well-being and strengthens the immune defenses, so we firmly believe that they can save mankind if in fact responsible use.


Sale of Be-Vegan products (Tea Moringa seeds, oil, nutrition bars pack will help redistribute the form of finished product super aliements the most needy, the weak, and to give them a real nutritious capital, and by not knowing, or access to these super-foods, we want to change that.

In addition, our agreements with future producers and our own plantations will allow us to support a network that could still fall under the multinational implementation and hand that could control these products.

Funding will therefore be by Be-Vegan customers by feeding Vegan way, will learn to turn to others to eat a balanced way.

These sales will allow to make donations of Be-Vegan products (nutritional bar, bulk Moringa ...), but also to distribute a single price or nutrition bars doses (less than 500 CFA, the objective of these nutrition bars do a part of daily food habit of children).

Another fact to afforestation and planting of Moringa to allow easier access to this food that is consumed entirely from root to flower.

The goal is to really offer a sustainable solution to malnutrition, with a daily balanced diet, intake of nutrients required daily and eradicate the models established by existing institutions and NGOs that offer no solution in the long term face these problems.

These super foods and super fruits therefore announce as key elements in the uncertain future of the world's food, thanks to their unique content of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and their low impact on the environment if produced responsibly and sustainably.


December 2017: Launch drink made from Moringa, Spirulina, and Baobab

October Spirilixir extraction from spirulina